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Storage tips throughout the home


Are you wondering how best to make room for hobbies in the children's room, maximise space in the hall, or create a comfortable environment in the utility room? We provide top tips for better organisation throughout the home at Here are a few handpicked examples.

Hobbies in the children's room

Desk adjusted to the child's height
Create a versatile desk that can be raised as the child grows by using a wooden or melamine shelf, easily mounted on traditional brackets, which in their turn hang from wall rails. In this way, the desk can be easily raised or lowered, so it works both for a four-year-old's Lego and for a teenager's homework.

Hobby corner in a small space
All you need for a hobby corner is a space 60 cm across and 15 cm deep. Hook Elfa's transparent and scratch-resistant boxes onto a utility board and the beads, pens and other craft items stored can be seen easily. By using clever wall hanging solutions, you create room for more boxes and at the same time save space on the desk.

Flexible hall storage during winter

A basket for everyone
Section off a shelf basket so that each family member has their own compartment to store gloves and hats. Marking the compartments with name labels makes it more likely that the hall will stay organised throughout the winter.

Easy-to-clean wire shelf for shoes
Whether the family is large or small, shoes and boots usually take up a lot of space in the hall. By placing them on a wire shelf a little above the floor, sand and dirt will fall through the shelves, making it easy to clean the floor. One tip is to make the lowest shelf wider than the upper shelf. This means that boots with a higher leg can stick out above the next shelf up.

Comfort in the utility room

Place wheels on the drawers
Fill your drawer system with drawers of different sizes. With wheels underneath, it is easy to move the drawers from the washing machine to the clothes line. Place name labels on the drawers and you can sort the washing straight from the clothes line to the correct drawer. Create a small work surface for folding and sorting the washing by placing a top shelf on the drawer system.

Folding drying rack for extra space
Get the most out of space in the utility room with Elfa's folding drying rack. If you have a large amount of washing, you can quickly unfold the drying rack. Stored folded up against the wall, it takes up almost no space at all. The drying rack is easily mounted in the hanging system's rails.

"On our website, we have brought together our best tips and ideas for better organisation throughout the home. With simple and clever solutions, you can save both time and space in your daily life, which, of course, is something almost everyone wants to achieve", says Christine Dahlman, Elfa's PR Manager.

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