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  • Practical storage on the back of the door. Baskets and boards can also be used in wall hang solutions

    Door & Wall System

    The back of a door is the perfect storage space, using our baskets. You can also add the baskets as extra storage for small items inside your storage solution. They're easy to install without any tools.

Basics - necessary components

Here are the basic products you need to begin creating your door solution

  • Over Door Hook
    Over Door Hook  

    Attach a wallband to an inner door without drilling.

  • Wallband

    Perfect for unique spaces like sloping ceilings.

Storing board/rack center

Organize smart on small spaces with our Storing board/rack for door.

Door baskets

Create space with our door baskets, simply click onto your wallband on the door.

Accessories for storing board/rack center

Here you can find different accessories for Storing board/rack.

  • Hook Utility Home
    Hook Utility Home  

    Several kind of hooks for storage on storing board and storing rack.

  • Basic Hooks
    Basic Hooks  

    Hooks that can be attached both on standard, storing board and storing rack.


Translucent boxes makes it easier to organize your small things, combine with Storing board/rack

  • Boxes for Board
    Boxes for Board  

    Store and organize your small things in boxes made for storing board and storing rack.

  • Boxes

    Store and organize your small things in boxes made for utility shelves.

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