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  • Our Freestanding system is your storage savior. All the benefits of elfa and no drilling is needed.


    elfa Freestanding stands on its own. It allows you to create an island of organization in your office, in the middle of your walk in closet, against a wall or in front of or under a window. And, the system is compatible with both elfa Décor and elfa Classic.

Basics - necessary components

Here are the basic products you need to begin creating your Freestanding system.


Choose between or combine Décor shelves, wire shelves or wire shelf baskets - all are compatible within the system.


Get a stylish finish for your wire shelf by adding fascia. Combine several fascia to achieve your desired length.

  • Fascia

    Add the exclusive feeling of wood to an existing shelf with our fascia.


Complete your Freestanding system with closet and valet rods to add even more storage to your solution.

Tie Rack

Our smart tie rack is easy to snap on underneath a wire shelf or a shelf basket to let your ties hang loose and stay clear of creasing.

Drawer Frame and Drawer

Choose drawers with a practical gliding frame for even more flexibility and easy access to whatever you need to store.

Accessory Tray

Finally a place to store jewellery, sewing material or other small items. Use the 8 or 24 divider to organize your accessory tray. The lid makes sure everything stays in its place and keeps dust out.

Gliding Pant Rack

Save space with our practical pant rack. It’s easy to hook onto hang standards or uprights.

Shoe Storage

We offer different solutions for shoe storage. Pick the one that suits you.

Bracket Hook Rack

Create extra hang space for small items with our space-efficient hook rack. It’s easy to hang on the side of your bracket and comes with fiwe hooks.

  • 4 Hook Rack
    4 Hook Rack  

    Extra function for storing scarves, necklaces etc.

  • 5 Hook Rack
    5 Hook Rack  

    Extra function for storing scarves, necklaces etc.


Browse our variety of products that further customize your solution.


The brackets are an essential part of the system, allowing you to expand and change the system as you like. Just click the brackets to hold shelves and gliding products into the system.

  • Click In 30
    Click In 30  

    For assembling of products within the 30 cm depth.

  • Click In 40
    Click In 40  

    For assembling of products within the 40 cm depth.

  • Click In 50
    Click In 50  

    For assembling of products within the 50 cm depth.

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