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  • Our Freestanding system is your storage savior. All the benefits of Elfa and no drilling is needed.


    Elfa Freestanding stands on its own. It allows you to create an island of organization in your office, in the middle of your walk in closet, against a wall or in front of or under a window. And, the system is compatible with both Elfa Décor and Elfa Classic.

Basics - necessary components

Here are the basic products you need to begin creating your Freestanding system.

Storing board/rack and Utility track

Organize smart on small spaces with our Storing board/rack and Utility track.


Choose between or combine, shelf tray, drying shelf, wire shelves or wire shelf baskets. Melamine is also an option.

Accessories for storing board and storing rack

Here you can find different accessories for Storing board/rack.


Translucent boxes makes it easier to find your things, combine with Storing board/rack

  • Boxes for Board
    Boxes for Board  

    Store and organize your small things in boxes made for storing board and storing rack.

  • Boxes

    Store and organize your small things in boxes made for utility shelves.

Accessories for Utility track or wall

Choose between different hooks for Utility track or wall.


Complete your wall hang system with closet rods and valet rods to add even more storage to your solution.

  • Closet Rod
    Closet Rod  

    Comes in several different lengths.

  • Valet Rod 30
    Valet Rod 30  

    Perfect for hanging storage in 30 cm narrow spaces.

  • Valet Rod 40
    Valet Rod 40  

    Choose between an expandable or fixed valet rod.

  • Double Rail
    Double Rail  

    Maximize your utility solution with a double rail.

Gliding Drawers

Choose gliding drawers for even more flexibility and accessibility. They are easy to install and combine with our other products.

Wall baskets

Create space with our wall baskets, simply click into your existing solution.


Browse our variety of products that further customize your solution.


The brackets are an essential part of the system, allowing you to expand and change the system as you like. Just click the brackets to hold shelves and gliding products into the system.

Bracket accessories

Arrange a little extra space for small items with our bracket hooks and bracket trays. Your bracket will have a great feature with a complete look. They are easy to mount on the side of the bracket and you will get a quick, easy and accessible storage

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